About Us

Lazenne is a European company born from a desire to improve the experience of tourists in France.

 Our mission is to solve the common problems tourists regularly face such as, for example, helping them transport of newly acquired wine and other alcohol bottles back home country.

Granddaughter of a champagne producer, I was lucky enough to grow up in a context of good food and good wine, which allowed me to develop some interest in the world of wine, but also to better understand the daily challenges of French winemakers. My professional experience of 10 years in the tourism industry, together with my International experiences have also made ​​me aware of the expectations of foreign customers and the improvements needed to satisfy the tourism market.

My partner fell in love with France during his MBA and settled there in the view of giving back a little of what France brings him daily. His North American background combined with his analytical and business skills, allow him to identify opportunities to improve the experience of foreigners in France.


Our shared passion for fine food, wine, travelling, and entrepreneurship has brought us together to develop small innovations to common problems with the ultimate goal to improve experiences and memories.


Should you need any further information, should you want to share ideas, comments, do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone.